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The Women in STEM Who Inspire Me

Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8. This day gives us an opportunity to think about the women who have changed or are changing the course of history, and to celebrate the special women in our lives. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by countless incredible women who are in the field of science, technology,

Featured Project: Bath Bomb Chemistry

Create your own bath bombs with your favorite fragrances and colors, too!    Bath bombs are fun to use and even more fun when you make them yourself because you can choose your favorite fragrance and color!  And it’s a cool science experiment, too! How does it work?  Two of the main ingredients, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, make the bath bomb

Perspectives: Don’t Be Afraid to Stretch!

Ten years ago, I started my career as a Field Service Engineer with General Electric after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  For over 3 years, I traveled to offshore and international locations to fix customer control systems and install new equipment on rigs that drill for oil and natural gas.  The

Featured Projects

Featured Project: Defying Gravity

Materials  A plastic bucket Water Instructions  Head outside…just in case you get wet!  Add water to the bucket, but don’t fill it to the top. You should be able to easily lift the bucket.  Swing the bucket in a circle above your head.  What happens to the water?  STEM Second  Why did the water stay in the


Each year, on February 2nd, many people in the United States and Canada celebrate Groundhog Day. According to the legend, if the groundhog emerges from its burrow and sees its shadow, there will be 6 more weeks of winter. If the ground hog doesn’t see its shadow, then spring will come early. Punxsutawney Phil, from