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Featured Project: Bath Bomb Chemistry

Create your own bath bombs with your favorite fragrances and colors, too!    Bath bombs are fun to use and even more fun when you make them yourself because you can choose your favorite fragrance and color!  And it’s a cool science experiment, too! How does it work?  Two of the main ingredients, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, make the bath bomb

My daughter is interested in becoming an engineer, and I hope more girls will, too.

Agnes Berzsenyi is President and CEO Women’s Health at GE Healthcare and also serves as one of the leaders for GE Girls. Recently she shared why GE Girls is important to her…take a look! ✔️weld their own car parts ✔️do DNA analysis ✔️use drones for cyber security ✔️launch rockets ✔️become a chemist ✔️code ✔️create medical