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Featured Project: Deserted Island Water Activity

On a Deserted Island where there’s only the ocean, let’s make fresh water!  Materials:  Pitcher of Water  Salt  1 Large Bowl  1 Small Bowl or a drinking glass  Note- should be shorter than the large bowl  Spoon/something to stir with  Plastic Wrap  Small rock or small heavy item  Tape (optional)  An outdoor space  Instructions:  Head outside!  Add water

Look to the Sky!

A great week is in store for the 23 girls joining us for our inaugural GE Girls program with University of Wisconsin – Madison. Day #1 was filled with a lot fun activities focused on design concepts – from balloon towers that spanned from the floor to the ceiling to using tinkercad to design jewelry and

Featured Project: Total Solar Eclipse Viewing

On August 21, 2017, a Total Solar Eclipse will be visible from the United States when the moon passes in front of the sun (more details on NASA’s site!). Although, you should never look directly at the Sun, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the eclipse in other ways. Here are a few ways to