Deserted Island Water Activity

On a Deserted Island where there’s only the ocean, let’s make fresh water! 


  • Pitcher of Water 
  • Salt 
  • 1 Large Bowl 
  • 1 Small Bowl or a drinking glass 
  • Note- should be shorter than the large bowl 
  • Spoon/something to stir with 
  • Plastic Wrap 
  • Small rock or small heavy item 
  • Tape (optional) 
  • An outdoor space 


  1. Head outside! 
  2. Add water to the large bowl. 
  3. To make salt water, at salt to pitcher of water. 
  4. Be sure that no one will drink this later! 
  5. Stir using the spoon, etc, until the salt dissolves.  
  6. Pour about 2 inches of water into the large bowl.  
  7. Rest the small bowl/glass in the center of the large bowl. 
  8. Put plastic wrap over the top of the large bowl. 
  9. You may need the tape here to ensure a tight seal. 
  10. Place the small rock or another small object on top of the plastic wrap over the center of the small bowl. 
  11. Leave the set up outside for a few hours (5 hours to even over night!) The longer you leave it the more water will be collected. 

Deserted Island Water Activity

STEM Second: 

What’s going on here? Why does this work? Why is the water fresh? 

  • Two Reasons: