It feels like the road trip you’ve been planning for all year and we can’t wait to get there…

GE Girls is on the horizon and we can’t drive fast enough!

The GE women who plan and participate in GE Girls programs across the country share your excitement and can’t wait to share their experiences with you!

Are you ready?

If you’re joining us at one of our GE Girls program this summer, here’s what you can expect: We want to get to know YOU. We want to learn what your interests are, what excites you about STEM and what freaks you out! We want to be part of your STEM journey – and that’s our promise, it’s all about YOU!

So here’s our one ask of YOU!

Have courage to make new friends. Be fearless in the face of new learnings. Stay curious about what makes things move. And above all, be willing to face a brave new world where young women, like YOU, can do anything, and everything, you set your mind to!

We hope you are as excited as we are to get started – because, yes, we are almost there.

So buckle-up and hang on for the ride that could put you on a new path.

If there’s not a GE Girls program near you, don’t worry. Stay tuned and be part of our GE Girls Club online, more here.